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    Tianjin Han Ding metal materials co., LTD. is located in steel market of Hanjiashu,Qingguang town, Beichen district in Tianjin, Founded in 2010, The companyscale is growing stronger. Main selling  steel  plates produced by Tiangang, Jingye, Angang and Baogang and  other big domestic steel factories , Selling manykinds of steel plates (such as 45 # plate, carbon plate, manganese plate,plate, etc.) by wholesale or retail  .The company is equipped with large CNC cutting machines, flame cutting machines,andother cutting equipment  for  the needs of different customers.

    For a long time, Our company always adheres tothe "honesty  andtrustworthiness  "  business beliefs, Basing on the  business  idea of "mutual benefit " to servethe broad masses of customers,  Now thesales network spreading  all over the mostregions  of China,  The company has become an important steel plate  commercial company   in the northChina, Sales volume is rising year by year. Tianjin Han Ding  metal materials co., LTD  is willing to cooperate with  large, medium and small enterprises viavarious forms  to seek commondevelopment.